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The long simmering effort of concerned Americans to organize an amendatory constitutional convention as authorized by Article V of the U. S. Constitution, has recently received an infusion of enthusiasm and determination. Ken Earls, Jim Western and Dick Fyten have been friends and colleages in various veteran's organizartions and they are convinced that those who have served their country in the military understand the need for reforms that will return our nation to the foundational principles of our nation's charter.

2:33 PM

Donald Trump has declined to endorse an Article V amendatory constitutional convention. Both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have expressed their support for such an effort. Convention USA sent Mr. Trump a survey asking his position on various constitutional issues. Trump's campaign used the return envelope to send a bumper sticker. To his credit, however, it must be noted that none of the other Presidential candidates even acknowledged receiving the survey.

Texas Governor, urges convention

Governor Abbott of Texas has released a proposal he calls the Texas Plan. In it, he endorses the calling of an Article V Conventiomn and suggests nine amendments which he considers to be needed.

Brennan's book is published

Lexington Books, an imprint of Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Company has released a new book by Thomas E. Brennan entitled THE ARTICLE V AMENDATORY CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION: Keeping the Republic in the Twenty-First Century.

Available at, Barnes and Noble and other book stores, the work has been heralded as a "must-read" and as required reading for those who care about the future of our country.

In its lively 184 pages, Brennan insists that the Congress will never agree to call an Article V convention but the people have the right to organize an Article V convention without the call of Congress. He lists a number of areas where amendment is needed and suggests wording for a few vital proposals.

Obama supports amendment
8:45 PM EST

President Obama has stated publicly that he supports a constitutional amendment that would reverse the Citizens United decision.. In this, he joins forces with a number of progressive organizations such at Move and  The big question says Convention USA Chairman Judge Tom Brennan is whether they are willing to join with conservatives to seek areas of compromise on this and other issues.

Districts Announced
6:27 PM EST

Looking to expand the base of citizen representation in Convention USA, Chairman Brennan has announced the creation of Delegate Districts in all fifty states. He envisions 6,163 delegates to be chosen in 1,186 districts. Districts are drawn along contiguous county lines. The ratio of constituents to delegates ranges from 45,000 to 55,000 to one. Sketches of the districts in each state are accessible at

Appointments Announced

Convention Chairman Thomas E. Brennan announced this evening the names of the oficers and committee chairs he proposes to appoint. If there is no objection at the DAY THREE session, the following persons will be appointed to the indicated offices:

Howard D. McCormick, Chairman ProTem

Leonard Young, Parliamentarian

Melissa Sharp, Secretary

Mike Carr, Treasurer

Dennis Murphy, Chairman, Finance

Benjamin Prather, Chairman, Internet

Leonard Young, Chairman, Rules

Joseph Elsener, Chairman, Credentials

Anthony Hawks, Chairman, Style and Drafting

Brennan is still seeking delegates to serve as Chairs of the three forum committees on Legislative, Executive and Judicial reform. He is looking for knowledgeable persons who can lead discussions on those subjects.


Judge Brennan today announced the creation of three new committees to provide delegates with forums to discuss propsals for amendments to the Federal Constitution.  

The Committees are designated as Legislative, Executive and Judicial reforms. Delegates wishing to be appointed to any of these committees should email Chairman Brennan, or simply leave a comment on the blog identifying themselves. Delegates who are appointed to the committees will be invited to act as blog authors and will be able to post blogs as well as comments.

7:39 PM Eastern

Judge Thomas Brennan,Chairman of Convention USA, has welcomed a new Delegate from Missouri, who has agreed to serve as Parliamentarian of the Convention.

Leonard Young, a former President of the National Association of Parliamentarians, who now serves as its Executive Director is enthusiastic about the ground breaking effort to conduct a parliamentary assembly on the Internet.

Mr. Young sees many challenges ahead, but along with Judge Brennan, he believes that a workable system can be developed which follows Roberts Rules of Order, but accommodates asynchronous interaction among the delegates.

Convention Update

Since two prior attempts to conduct convention business have failed due to the absence of a quorum of 34 states, DAY TWO of the convention will be called to order on September 16, 2012 at 9:00 PM, Eastern time, and will remain in session until adjourned. No business will be conducted until a quorum of 34 states is participating.

10:39 PM

DAY TWO of ConventionUSA hasbeen rescheduled for August 18,2012 at 3PM Eastern time. The delegates will meet in executive session on the page labeled "Delegate Comments. As of 8/2/2012 twenty-seven states have answered the Quorum Call. 


Through the good offices of Florida Delegate Nanette Carter, Convention USA now has a Facebook page. Within the first few hours, severalo new delegates have registered. Judge Thomas Brennan, Founder of Convention USA met with Delegate Carter last Saturday and he says her enthusiasm is very impressive. 

To be successful, Convention USA will need thousands of delegates. The new Facebook page is a step in the right direction. Other social networks will also be used, as ConventionUSA reaches out to the millions of Americans who realize that Wshington isn't going to fix itself, no matter who is elected to national office.

8:15 AM

New Mexico becomes the 36th state to be represented in Convention USA. Convened on February 27, the convention is adjourned pending the report of the committee on credentials.

8:45 AM

With the registration of Mr. Daniel Long of Dover, the state of Delaware has become the 35th state to be represented in Convention USA. 

12:28 AM

With the addition of delegates from Montana and Oklahoma, Convention USA now has 148 delegates representing 34 states.
Acting Chairman, Thomas E.Brennan expects to convene the delegates as soon as the credentials committee has verified the voter registrations of the delegates in their home states.

8:02 PM

Convention USA will conduct a National Presidential Primary on President's Day, February 20, 2012 on its web site, according to Thomas E. Brennan, Founder and Temproary Chairman of Convention USA. Current delegates, acting as an organizing committee, were asked to weigh in on the project and were overwhelmingly in favor of it.  Details are yet to be announced, but it is expected that all delegates registered before the polls close will be eligible to vote. 

10:22 PM

Until 2/3 of the states are represented, all registered delegates will act as a committee of organization. Much work remains to be done on the Convention USA web site. In particular, the system for delegate voting on issues has to be completed and made operational.

Meanwhile, I am pleased to announce that a Convention USA blog has been created which allows all interested persons to comment on proposed amendments to the US Constitution.

The blog may be seen at

April 19, 2011
10:38 PM

Convention USA has been reorganized. The requirement for payment of dues has been eliminated. All registered voters in the United States are eligible and invited to participate in the work of the convention. Judge Thomas E. brennan, Founder and temporary Chairman of the Convention announced the decision in an email to all delegates last week. He is confident that voluntary contributions and sponsorship subscriptions will be sufficient to finance the work of the convention. 

Reclaim Liberty
12:01 AM

Robert J.Thorpe is an author and lecturer who lives in Flagstaff Arizona. He is the moving force behind the web site,

 Among his initiatives is an effort to convince the legislatures of at least 34 states to request a convention to propose amendments  to the federal constitution.

It is the policy of Convention USA to support all efforts to call an Article V convention.

We commend Mr. Thorpe for his efforts and wish him well.

January 8, 2011
Arizona Shooting
9:45 PM

The attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and the murder of Federal Judge John M. Roll and eight others are chilling reminders of the madness that infects the Internet. The man who did this awful deed was given to publishing political diatribes that were far from sensible mainstream commentary. Unfortunately, his criminal actions only add to the reluctance of sensible people to participate in worthwhile reform activities, especially on the Internet.

Date 10/19/2010
Time 10:46 PM

There's a buzz on the Internet about an Article V Amendments Convention. Here are some of the sites:;;;-reform-act-of-2010;;;;



9:00 AM

A crowd of nearly 200 heard seven speakers discuss the prospects of an Aricle V amendatory convention at the Thomas M. Cooley Law School last week. The keynote speaker, Cooley Founder Thomas E. Brennan, challenged the students in the audience to use the Internet as a means of exercising their rights as citizens. He predicted that future Americans will be able to express their will through modern technoloogy.

4:14 PM

Professor Chris Trudeau, faculty coordinator, has announced the line up of speakers for the September 16th symposium at Cooley Law School, RENEWING THE COMPACT: HOW ARTICLE V EMPOWERS THE PEOPLE OF THE STATES. The program will begin with a presentaton by Robert Natelson, Senior Fellow at the Independence Institute in Denver, Colorado. Other speakers include retired United States Coiurt of Appeals Judge James L. Ryan, Duke Law Professor Paul Carrington, Virginia House of Delegates member James LeMunyon, Author Joel Hirschhorn, Journalist Bill Walker, and Economist William Fruth.

5:36 PM edt

An Advisory Board of distinguished legal and constitutional scholars and experts will assist delegates to Convention USA Judge Thomas Brennan said today. Among the first to be named are Law Professor Paul Carrington of Duke university, Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig, Sanford Levinson of the University of Texas Law faculty and retired United States Court of Appeals Judge James L. Ryan.


Former Presidents George W. Bush and William Jefferson Clinton were urged to register as delegates to Convention USA this afternoon. Writing an open letter in his blog at Judge Thomas Brennan said, "We can't get the Congress to help. Congress is a large part of our pain. We need a convention. We need delegates from all fifty states to come together and put their heads together and act together, just like the two of you did for Haiti."

12:01 AM

Doctor Bill Choby, author of "Liberty in America, Past, Present and Future" is the first delegate to register from Pennsylvania, and will chair the Keystone State delegation. Attorney Yvette Soklove, a graduate of the Thomas M. Cooley Law School, will captain the delegation from the Garden State of New Jersey.

The addition of these two states brings the total representation in Convention USA to sixteen states, very nearly half way to the critical two thirds needed to call the convention to order.  

10:00 PM EDT

With the registration of Christine Kuehn of Berthoud, Colorado and Leonard Deming of Nashua, New Hampshire,. Convention USA marks the appearance of the thirteenth and fourteenth states on its growing roster. Judge Brennan was particujlarly delighted to welcome Mr. Deming, a member of the New Hampshire Bar and a 1981 graduate of the Thomas M. Cooley Law School. As the first delegates to register in their respective states, Mrs. Kuehn and Mr. Deming will be caucus Captains.

May 30, 2010
5:22 PM ET

This week, North Carolina and Tennessee became the eleventh and twelfth states to have representation in Convention USA.

Convention USA is an interactive, virtual Internet convention to draft, debate, and decide upon proposed amendments as contemplated by Article V of the United States Constitution. All citizens of the USA are welcome to register as delegates from their home states. The convention will be convened when 34 states are represented, and will stay in session until the Congress calls an actual Article V convention.

May 26, 2010
6:12 PM

California, New York, Texas and Florida are among the ten States which already have delegates to Convention USA. according to Judge Thomas E. Brennan, President of the non profit corporation which is organizing the virtual convention. 

"This is an exciting and historic undertaking," says Brennan. "It is open to all American citizens and gives people the opportunity to help draft, debate and decide upon proposals for actual amendments to the United States Constitution."

The process for amending the constitution by means of a convention has never been used, but Brennan believes that modern technology makes citizen participation possible on a level never before imagined.

"I think we are doing exactly what Madison and Jefferson would want us to do," says the Judge.   

May 13, 2010
9:21 AM
Within hours of the activation of, the virtual  convention under Article V of the U.S. Constitution, Delegates from Florida, Texas and Nebraska were registered and welcomed to the convention. Until 34 states are represented, they will be part of a committee of organization which will prepare Rules for adoption by the convention.
Article V to be discussed at Cooley Law School

Constitution Day will be celebrated in a special way on September 16, 2010 at the Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan. The nation’s largest accredited school of law, Cooley will host a symposium focused on Article V of the United States Constitution

Saturday, January 9, 2010
Article V Symposium at Cooley Law School Planned
4:39 pm

Plans for the September 16, 2010 symposium, "Renewing the Compact: How Article V Empowers the People of All the States", were announced by Profesor Chris Trudeau. Legislators and Judges will be invited, as will the students and faculty of Thomas Cooley law School. Plenary sessions will be open to the public.

Cooley’s Founder, former Michigan Chief Justice Thomas E. Brennan, will be one of a distinguished panel of speakers which will include United States Court of Appeals Judge James L. Ryan, and Duke University law professor Paul Carrington. Bill Walker, a founder of Friends of the Article V Convention,  William H. Fruth, author of "Ten Amendments for Liberty," Joel Hirschhorn, author of "Delusional Democracy." and James LeMunyon, a member of the Virginia House of Delegates will round out the panelists.

Philip Prygoski, longtime faculty member at Cooley, and a nationally recognized constitutional law expert, will chair the panel discussion.